Everything You Need To Know About a Buzz

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What is a Buzz?

When you hear of a buzz, what comes to your mind? Bees right? The sound of bees buzzing is caused by the rapid movement of their wing. This rapid wing beat causes the air around the bee to vibrate, and that vibration travels to our ear, and we interpret that vibration as a buzzing sound. And while I know you are not here to learn about bees, that is what a BUZZ is like on Bustlerush. A BUZZ means a rapid campaign or activity hosted online using Bustlerush.

On the Bustlerush app, Businesses and Creators can use buzzes to gain rapid engagements, either on their websites, apps, blogs, or social platforms. Buzzes are the best way to target your audience and prospective customers by engaging them in personalized campaigns that they can easily interact with and provide you with the leads you need to help grow your business or brand.

The different types of Buzzes

There are several types of buzzes you can create on the Bustlerush app, geared toward helping you generate accurate leads and gain engagements. They are:

  1. Virtual Wheel of Fortune: This is a spin-to-win type of buzz used to determine the winner of certain prizes. Participants can engage in this type of buzz and win prizes determined by the host (business or brand).
  2. Countdown Quiz / Trivia: This is a type of buzz where participants are required to provide correct answers to the questions set by the host, all within a predefined timeframe.
  3. Live Polls / Surveys: This is a survey type of buzz in which participants communicate their responses typically by providing answers to a questionnaire that the host sets.
  4. Live Voting: This is a voting type of buzz that enables participants to vote for their preferred choice from a list of options set by the host.

Features of a Buzz

  1. Lock: A buzz can be locked, which will require a passcode set by the host for buzz participants to access.
  2. Accept Payments: A buzz can require two types of payment. Payments can either be an unlock fee (paid to access the buzz) and/or a voting fee (paid to vote in a live voting buzz).
  3. Scheduled: A buzz can be scheduled to automatically start on the same day or on a future date.
  4. Generate Leads: A buzz can require additional information set by the host from its participants before they can be allowed to access it.
  5. Fully Customizable: The buzz information, task, and widget on the host’s website can be customized to fit whatever use case the host requires.

Benefits of using a Buzz

There are several benefits of using a buzz to run campaigns that your audience and prospective customers would love to engage in. Bustlerush provides you with the tools and insights necessary to do the following:

  1. Efficiently convert your target audience to new and paying customers while minimizing marketing and advertising cost.
  2. Increase engagement/transaction volume from existing customers for your business or brand (e.g: Require your existing customers to perform a minimum transaction of X, to be qualified to participate in your buzz, and the passcode for the buzz will be sent to only those that meets the requirement).
  3. Gain more traffic to your website, app, and/or blog (e.g: Hosting the buzz on your website, Hiding the passcode on a page of your website/app, hiding the passcode in a blog post, etc).
  4. Host buzzes with a Real-time leaderboard that promotes trust and transparency.
  5. Increase your following and engagements on social media platforms.
  6. Make your events more lively and interactive.
  7. Effortlessly attract attendees to your exhibition booth during an event.
  8. Run campaigns as a creator without the need for a website.

With Bustlerush, you can attract, engage, acquire, and convert verified leads from your target audience — it’s easy as that. Sign up today.



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